Rules, Regulations, and Draw Procedures

Here are the Raffle Rules, Regulations, and Draw Procedures:

    1. Raffle tickets shall not be sold to a person under 18 years of age.

    2. Ticket sales must take place in the province of Alberta.

    3. Tickets must be purchased online using a credit card.

    4. No refunds will be issued for raffle tickets.

    5. A minimum of 150 tickets must be sold by December 1, 2020 or the WPA may consider making an application to the AGLC for cancellation of the raffle or an extension of the final draw date.

    6. The raffle draw will be made in accordance with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) guidelines, and will take place at 10924 123 ST NW, Edmonton, Alberta, on December 15, 2020.

    7. The WPA must be able to account for all tickets. Prior to the draw, the WPA shall reconcile the number of sold and unsold tickets, as indicated in the raffle ticket sales record, with the number of ticket stubs in the draw container, to ensure that all eligible tickets form part of the draw. In order to ensure time for complete reconciliation, ticket sales will conclude on December 14, 2020.

    8. The winning tickets shall be drawn from a container that is transparent, so that tickets can be seen from the outside. A ticket stub containing the ticket number of each sold ticket will be placed in the draw container.

    9. Prior to the draw, the ticket container must be rotated or the contents of the container agitated a minimum of three times.

    10. The draw will be made by a person who does not own a ticket or a share of a ticket in the draw. The arm of the person making the draw must be bare of clothing below the elbow and they must exhibit their draw arm and both sides of their open hand to the draw witnesses immediately prior to making the draw. Only the person making the draw may put their arm/hand in the draw container. When selecting winning tickets, the person making the draw shall look away from the container in the direction of the witnesses.

    11. The prize is 50% of the face value of all tickets sold, with a minimum prize of $2000, and a maximum prize of $5000.

    12. A record of each ticket drawn shall be made indicating the ticket serial number, the name, address, and phone number of the prizewinner, and the time and date the ticket was drawn. Winning tickets shall be immediately exhibited to witnesses and held open for inspection until the end of the draw. The WPA shall retain all tickets with the raffle records for two years after the draw date.

    13. Winners need not be in attendance at the draw to qualify. Every effort will be made to notify the winner. The winner has ONE (1) year from the date of the draw to claim their prize. If after ONE (1) year the winner cannot be located and/or has not claimed their prize, then an application will be made to the AGLC that the prize or moneys equivalent to the fair market value of the prize be donated back to the WPA.

    14. In the event a winning ticket stub has more than one name on it, the WPA shall award the prize to only one of the individuals identified on the ticket. The WPA and AGLC are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between the individuals whose names appear on the ticket stub.